"Massacre Pond" Is "Masterful," says the Bangor Daily News

My next novel won't be published until July 16, but John Holyoke, of the Bangor Daily News (BDN), is out with a glowing review of my most challenging and controversial novel yet:

Grant Doiron this: He’s got guts, taking on such hot-button topics as a North Woods National Park and the still officially unsolved Soldiertown moose massacre, and linking the pair together in a fictional work.

And that work is — as usual — masterful.

Doiron, who toils by day as the editor-in-chief of Down East magazine, has quickly become one of the state’s top literary properties. And in Massacre Pond — his fourth Mike Bowditch thriller — he raises the bar once again.

It's always rewarding to receive a great review, but as I've said before, it means even more when it's from a reviewer that knows Maine and the Maine Warden Service the way someone like John Holyoke does.