Here's a Free Charley Stevens Short Story: "Backtrack"

I hear from a lot of readers who would like to know more about Charley Stevens. How did he become the wise old owl that Mike Bowditch knows and loves?

Over the past few years, I have been slowly filling out Charley’s biography in a series of short stories. The first was done in humorous vein, a la Mark Twain, in “The Bear Trap.” The second was in the mode of a horror story in the Edgar Award finalist “Rabid.” Now comes “Backtrack,” my first attempt at writing in Charley’s voice; it’s an account of one of his early failures, told to Mike. I imagine them sitting together beside a wood stove while a blizzard rages outside the cabin while the old man spins his yarn.

Backtrack” is available online from the Criminal Element, but if you prefer reading print, just scroll down to the bottom and you will find the option to print the story out — a great way to share it with Dad for Father’s Day while he waits for ALMOST MIDNIGHT to be published on July 2.

I hope you enjoy it.