Character Guide

Having trouble keeping track of the heroes and zeroes Maine Game Warden Mike Bowditch meets in his investigations? Here is a guide (recently updated with characters from the latest book, WIDOWMAKER) to help you remember who's who, how the characters know each other, and where they fit into Mike Bowditch's world.


Illustration by Ben Bishop

Illustration by Ben Bishop

Mike Bowditch — warden, Division B (later Division C & A), (later warden investigator, Division C)

Jack Bowditch — Mike's father, a guide at Rum Pond Sporting Camps (and poacher)

Marie (née Cormier, later Bowditch) Turner — Mike's mother

Neil Turner — Mike's stepfather, a tax attorney



Jeremy Bard — warden, Division C

Christopher Bayley — warden, Division C

Normand Bilodeau — warden investigator, Division C

Deborah Davies — warden chaplain

Bill Day, Jr. — warden, Division C

John "Jock" DeFord — warden lieutenant (later captain), Division D

Cody Devoe — warden specialist, Division C

David DiPetro — warden, Division A

Patrick Flynn — warden, Division A

Kathy Frost — (neé Katerina Eklund) warden sergeant, Division B

Bill Gordon — warden, Division B

Duane Harkavy — warden colonel

Ronette Landry — warden, Division C

Mark Libby — warden, Division B

Mack McQuarrie — warden sergeant, Division C

Timothy Malcomb — warden lieutenant (later major, later colonel), District B

Cameron Ouelette — warden sergeant, Division A

Wesley Pinkham — warden investigator, Division D

Gary Pulsifer — warden, Division C

Marc Rivard — warden sergeant (later lieutenant), Division C

Stacey Stevens — wildlife biologist (daughter of Charley & Ora Stevens)

Kevin Sullivan — warden, Division C

Danielle "Dani" Tate — warden, Division B (later state trooper, Troop B)

John Taylor — warden, Division A

Garland Tibbetts — warden, Division C

Tommy Volk — warden, Division A

Jeff White — warden, Division B



“The Penguin” — governor, State of Maine

Todd Belanger — trooper, Maine State Police

Jeffrey Carter — major, Maine State Police, tactical team

Darius Chapman — inmate, Maine State Prison

Jon Crossman — guard, Maine State Prison

Aaron Cyr — trooper, Maine State Police

Angelo Donato — deputy warden, Maine State Prison (formerly sergeant, Maine Army National Guard)

Roger Finch — detective, Maine State Police

Brian Fitzpatrick — detective sergeant, Maine State Police

Henry “Hal” Hildreth III — state attorney general, gubernatorial candidate

Gus Hoyt — sergeant, Maine State Prison

Curt Hutchins — trooper, Maine State Police

Walter Kitteridge — state medical examiner

Steven Klesko — detective, Maine State Police

Danica Marshall — assistant attorney general

Kent Mears, Jr. — guard, Maine State Prison

Antonio Menario — detective sergeant (later lieutenant), Maine State Police

Magda Mueller — licensed social worker, Maine Department of Health & Human Service

Gavin O'Keefe — sergeant, Maine State Police

Paul Panagore — forensic technician, Maine State Police Crime Laboratory

Tyler Pegg — guard, Maine State Prison

Ellen Pomerlau — detective, Maine State Police

Novak Rancic — guard, Maine State Prison

Dawn Ritchie — sergeant, Maine State Prison

Wayne Soctomah — detective lieutenant, Maine State Police

Steve Zanadakis — detective lieutenant, Maine State Police



Alvin Cyr — sheriff, Aroostook County

Jacques Decoster — farmer (deceased)

Jason Decoster — farmer

Trisha Decoster — Jason's wife

Alice Eklund — Kathy Frost's mother

Erik Eklund — Kathy Frost's father

Kurt Eklund — Kathy Frost's brother

Darren Frost — Kathy Frost's husband (deceased)

Marta Jepson — resident, town of Lyndon

Ethan "Monster" Smith — E4, Maine Army National Guard



Casey Donaldson — UNH student, Westbrook

Tom Donaldson — Casey Donaldson's stepfather, Westbrook

Gail Evans — fiber artist, Pondicherry

Jon Hogarth — director, Coracle School, Portland

Abigail "Abbie" Hogarth — Jon Hogarth's teenage daughter

Bob Moody — deputy sheriff, Cumberland County

Joanie Swette — animal control officer, Cumberland County

Christopher Nason — attorney, Portland; Deanna Nason's son


FRANKLIN COUNTY (Farmington - Rangeley area)

Roy "Elderoy" Berry — lift maintenance manager, Widowmaker ski resort

John Cabot — president, Cabot Lumber

Jim Clegg — sheriff's detective, Franklin County

Denis Cormier — owner, Fairbanks Firearms

Alexa Davidson — former student, Alpine Sports Academy

Josh Davidson — Alexa's brother, graduate of Alpine Sports Academy

Logan Dyer — maintenance worker, Widowmaker ski resort

Scott Dyer — Logan's father; former lift maintenance manager, Widowmaker ski resort (deceased)

Sam Erskine — gas station owner, Kennebago Township

Don Foss — logging company owner, Kennebago Township

“Alcohol” Mary Gowdie — entrepreneur

Steve Haines — police officer, Rangeley

Shaylene Hawken — probation officer, Farmington

Elizabeth Holman — veterinarian

Amber Langstrom — waitress at the Sluiceway, Widowmaker ski resort

Adam Langstrom — Amber's son (21 years old)

Indigo Mazur — farmer

Kent Mears, Sr. — papermaker (retired)

Nathan "Mink" Minkowski — resident, Kennebago Township

Johnny Partridge — semi-retired journalist

Gorman Peaslee — businessman

Lauren Pulsifer — warden Gary Pulsifer's wife

Rob Russo — security officer, Widowmaker ski resort; sheriff's deputy, Franklin County

Anna Stoll — farmer

Isaac Stoll — farmer

Samuel Stoll — eleven years old

Walter Stoll — farmer

Lane Torgerson — lieutenant commander (ret.), US Navy

Zane Wilson — farmer


KNOX COUNTY (Midcoast)

Dudley Baker — sheriff, Knox County

Arthur Banks — lobsterman, owner of the Glory B (deceased)

Calvin Barter — a sex offender

Travis Barter — Calvin's son

Wanda Barter — Calvin's wife

Lou Bates — Jefferts's aunt, member of the J-Team

Ozzie Bell — retired journalist, member of the J-Team

Dave Drisko — a resident

Donnie Drisko — Dave's son

Dane Guffey — former deputy sheriff, Knox County

Sarah Harris — Mike's girlfriend from Colby College

Mrs. Hersom — a resident 

Ashley Kim — Westergaard's teaching assistant

Destiny Kravitz — waitress, Square Deal Diner

Anthony DeSalle — a recreational boater from Revere, Massachusetts

Nikki Donnatelli — waitress at the Harpoon Bar, student at Brown College (deceased)

Nick Donnatelli — Nikki's father

MaryBeth Fickett — town clerk, Seal Cove

Mark Folsom — owner of the Harpoon Bar

James Gammon, Sr. — Jimmy Gammon's father

Jimmy Gammon — E4, Maine Army National Guard

Lyla Gammon — Jimmy's mother

Erland Jefferts — former lobsterman, now inmate, Maine State Prison

Dot Libby — proprietor, Square Deal Diner

Ruth Libby — Dot's daughter

Lawrence Littlefield — Kathy's neighbor

Skip Morrison — deputy sheriff (later chief deputy), Knox County

Stump Murphy — driver, Midcoast Towing

Frank Nappi — a recreational boater from Saugus, Massachusetts

Eino Pulkinnen — plumber

Stanley Snow — lobsterman, Hans Westergaard's caretaker

Bud Thompson — a farmer

Hank Varnum — owner of the Sennebec Market

Hans Westergaard — a summer resident, professor at Harvard Business School

Jill Westergaard — Hans's wife

Joe Winchenback — detective, Knox County (deceased)


MAQUOIT ISLAND (Hancock County)

Kenneth Crowley — lobsterman

Ariel Evans — investigative journalist

Sam Graffam — store owner

Joy Juno — owner, Maquoit Trucking

Blake Markman — hermit

Beryl McCloud — schoolteacher

Jenny Pillsbury — manager, Island Accommodations

Nat Pillsbury — lobsterman

Andrew Radcliff — constable, boatbuilder

Harmon Reed — harbormaster; lobsterman

Hiram Reed — lobsterman, Harmon and Martha's son

Martha Reed — Harmon's wife

Eli Washburn — lobsterman, Rud's twin

Rudyard "Rud" Washburn — lobsterman, Eli's twin


OXFORD COUNTY (Fryeburg area)

Frank and Rebecca Cobb — tenants of Deanna Nason

Ricky Elwell — butcher

Eddie and Connie Fales — owners, Fales Variety Store

"Hodge" and Sue Hodgkins — owners, Hodge's Campground & Canoe

Deanna Nason — local landlord

Steven Nason — Deanna's son

Jeff Nisbet — reserve officer, Fryeburg Police Department

Dakota Rowe — employee, Hodge's Campground

Jackson and Prudence Smith — homeless campers originally from Pennsylvania


PISCATAQUIS COUNTY (Monson/Greenville)

Benton Avery — clerk, Monson General Store

Samantha Boggs — (trail name: "Naomi Walks") AT thru-hiker

Jasper Bowman — proprietor, Monson Automotive

Rick Chalmers — (trail name: "The Hare") AT thru-hiker

Connie Chalmers — (trail name: “The Turtle") AT thru-hiker

Pearlene Daggett — proprietor, Monson General Store

Tara Dow — Tempest Dow’s daughter; Toby Dow’s mother

Tempest Dow — Dow family matriarch

Terrence Dow — Trent Dow’s son

Trent Dow — Tempest's brother

Trevor Dow — Tempest’s son

Tobias "Toby" Dow — "Mayor of Monson"

Todd Dow — Trent’s son

Troy Dow —Tempest’s son

Brother John — pastor, Lake of the Woods Ministry

Chad McDonough — (trail name: “McDonut") AT section hiker

Caleb Maxwell — manager, Hudson's Lodge

Missy Montgomery — (trail name: "Baby Ruth") AT thru-hiker

Rev. Mott — Minister

Bob Nissen — (trail name: "Non-stop") legendary AT thru-hiker; proprietor, AT Bees

Errol Ross — proprietor, Ross's Rooming House, Monson

Steffi Ross — proprietor, Ross's Rooming House, Monson


SOMERSET COUNTY (Flagstaff/Dead River)

Wallace Bickford — Jack Bowditch's friend

Bill Brodeur — deputy sheriff, Somerset County, Maine

Brenda Dean — Jack Bowditch's girlfriend

Truman Dellis — Jack Bowditch's (estranged) friend, a guide at Rum Pond Sporting Camps (and poacher)

Joe Hatch — sheriff, Somerset County, Maine

Russell Pelletier — Owner of Rum Pond Sporting Camps

Sally Reynolds — owner of Dead River Inn

Jonathan Shipman — director of environmental affairs, Wendigo Timberlands, LLC

Charley Stevens — Maine Warden Service Chief Pilot (Ret.)

Ora Stevens — Charley's wife

Vernon Tripp — owner of Natanis Trading Post, Dead River

Pete Twombley — deputy sheriff, Somerset County



Dexter Albee — executive director, Thoreau Network

Tiffany Bard — cousin of warden Jeremy Bard; girlfriend of Lewis Beam and Todd Pelkey

Barney Beal — student (age sixteen), Whitney High School

Lewis Beam — forklift operator, Skillen Lumber

Joe Brogan — owner, Call of the Wild Guide Service & Game Ranch

Randall Scott Cates — Jamie's ex-boyfriend, a drug dealer

Dr. Chatterjee — physician, Down East Community Medical Center

Brian Corbett — chief deputy sheriff, Washington County

Aimee Cronk — Billy Cronk's wife, mother of four

Billy Cronk — Registered Maine Guide, Call of the Wild Guide Service & Game Ranch

Bill Day — proprietor, Day's General Store

Bart Dunbar — deputy sheriff, Washington County

Mason Guthrie — client, Weatherby's Resort

Jeff Jordan — sporting camp owner, Registered Maine Guide

Kevin Kendrick — professor, University of Maine at Machias; owner, Primitive Ways Survival School

Karl Keith Khristian (aka KKK, formerly Wilbur Williams) — sovereign citizen

James "Doc" Larrabee — large animal veterinarian

Maddie Lawson — client, Weatherby's Resort

Chubby LeClair — convicted sex offender

Tomas Luna — Guatamalan national (age ten)

Michael Mandelbaum — vice principal, Whitney High School

Briar Morse — daughter of Elizabeth Morse

Elizabeth Morse — founder of EarthMother, Inc., environmental activist, philanthropist

Mitch Munro — Jamie's ex-husband, Lucas's father; instructor Shogun Karate Studio

Marky Parker — member of the Passamaquoddy Nation (age fifteen)

Todd Pelkey — debarker operator, Skillen Lumber

Trinity Raye — student, University of Maine at Machias (deceased)

Roberta Rhine — sheriff, Washington County

Jamie Sewall — shift leader, McDonald's Cafe

Lucas Sewall — her son (age twelve)

John "Prester" Sewall — Jamie's brother, a drug dealer

Tammi Sewall — Jamie's sister

Matt Skillen — vice president, Skillen Lumber (engaged to Stacey Stevens)

Merritt Skillen — president and CEO, Skillen Lumber

Jack Spense — security consultant

Ben Sprague — owner, Wash-O-Mat, Machias

Doris Sprague — Ben's wife

Leaf Woodwind — personal assistant to Elizabeth Morse



Dale Probert — director, Fenris Unchained Wolf Refuge