Q: What is the order of the Mike Bowditch series?

A:  The novels, in order, are:

  1. The Poacher's Son (2010)
  2. Trespasser (2011)
  3. Bad Little Falls (2012)
  4. Massacre Pond (2013)
  5. The Bone Orchard (2014)
  6. The Precipice (2015)
  7. Widowmaker (2016)
  8. Knife Creek (2017)
  9. Stay Hidden (July 3, 2018)

Q: Do I need to read the books in order?

A:  No, but the series does follow Mike Bowditch from his first weeks on the job through his early years as a Maine game warden and is very much about his journey from a troubled young man to a mature law enforcement officer. 

"The Bear Trap" is not a book but rather a short story. In the sequence of Mike's life, it takes place about seven weeks after the conclusion of Trespasser.

Q: What about "The Bear Trap?

Q: How do you pronounce "Doiron"?

A:  Doiron is a name of French extraction, so you are safe pronouncing it "Dwar-uhn" with the stress on the first syllable. That's the way I do, at least, although others in my family pronounce it differently. Or you can just read this.

Q: Are your books available as audiobooks?

A:  Yes. The entire Mike Bowditch series is available as unabridged audiobooks — as either CDs via bookstores, or as digital downloads via Audible, the iTunes Store, Amazon, and other sources of audiobooks.

Q: Are your books also available as ebooks?

A:  Yes. The entire Mike Bowditch series is available in digital editions and can be downloaded from the iTunes Store, Kobo, Amazon, and Nook.

Yes. Contact him to learn more about his fees, conditions, and availability.

Q: Does Paul do school and library visits?

A: Congratulations on your great idea and all the best in writing the book. But due to legal and liability issues, I cannot accept other author's work or discuss potential concepts or ideas. Lawyers!


Q: I have a great idea for a book! Would you be available to read it, talk about it, help me write it