One Month and Counting

Thirty days from now, my fourth novel Massacre Pond will arrive in stores — and on e-readers.

I've always found this time in the publishing process to be the most stressful for me. Writing is easy. Waiting is hard. The advance reader copies are with reviewers, the book itself is at the printer, and there is nothing I can do but gather my forces for the long tour ahead.

Of course, waiting is frustrating for readers, too. If it's been months since you finished Bad Little Falls and you've been wondering what mischief Mike Bowditch could get into next, I do have some good news to tide you over until July 16.

Macmillan has posted an excerpt of Massacre Pond on its site. It's just the first chapter, but it's still a hint of what's to come for Maine's most trouble-prone game warden.