The AP: "Bad Little Falls" Is "Riveting"

Bruce DeSilva, who won the Edgar for Rogue Island and has a terrific follow-up out called Cliff Walk, has reviewed Bad Little Falls for the Associated Press, and it's everything I could hope for:

"The plot is riveting, but as always in a Paul Doiron novel, the greatest attraction is the stark beauty of the language and the vivid portrayal of his native Maine. He describes drug-riddled, poverty-stricken Down East — a region of fast-moving streams, frozen lakes, ice-fishing shacks and forbidding bogs — so precisely that you'll feel the below-freezing temperatures in your bones."

One of the great things about getting a good review from the AP is that it pops up in newspapers and on websites across the continent, from the Brandon Sun and Winnipeg Free Press to the Boston Globe and Washington Post. An author couldn't ask for better exposure than that!