RT Book Reviews Says "Bad Little Falls" Is a Top Pick

RT Book Reviews is out with its review of Bad Little Falls and it's a beauty. The magazine gives the book 4.5 out of 5 stars and proclaims it a Top Pick for August. To fully appreciate why I am so delighted by this news it helps to understand RT Book Reviews ratings system:

4 1/2 Gold: Phenomenal. In a class by itself.
4 1/2: Fantastic. A keeper.
4: Compelling. A page-turner.
3: Enjoyable. A pleasant read.
2: Problematic. May struggle to finish.
1: Severely Flawed. Pass on this one.

RT TOP PICKS -- The RT Top Picks list represents the best books of the month chosen by our staff of reviewers from the 250 plus new books reviewed in each issue of RT BOOK REVIEWS Magazine.

Here's what reviewer Donna M. Carter has to say about Bad Little Falls:

Doiron once again makes excellent use of Maine’s unforgiving weather to set the stage for a compelling mystery, while underscoring his complicated hero’s troubled character. Elegant prose perfectly captures the feel of the location, and the diverse, realistic cast of characters enriches the narrative. Readers will shiver — both from the cold and in anticipation of the rather shocking conclusion.

A shocking conclusion was what I was aiming for with the novel. I'm glad I hit the mark!