Love + Sex

The funniest review of Bad Little Falls comes via Yahoo Singapore Sports—no, I have no idea either—from the pen of David Marshall James:

Mike's relationship with his upwardly mobile mother and her second husband is fractious at best, while Mike's father was an outstanding bad example. 

As the snowstorms settle in on Mike's bleak new life, he encounters a nearby family even more dysfunctional than his own. 

At least his mother traded up in the husband department. 

The attractive, young, neighborhood mother has had a codependent fling with the drug-dealing pal of her ne'er-do-well brother. Meanwhile, her sister has suffered a brain injury in the auto wreck that claimed their parents' lives. 

No surprise, then, that the recovering addict's -- who has caught Mike's eye, among other body parts-- son is a candidate for some serious counseling. 

Mike-- please don't go there. Mike ... Mike .... 

Yahoo has tagged the review under "love" and "sex." I'd add "death" to mix, but otherwise that sounds about right to me.