Booklist Says "Bad" Is Good

The early reviews are rolling in for Bad Little Falls, and this time it's Booklist with a rave:

Game warden Mike Bowditch isn’t sure whether it’s the climate or the area’s unemployment and drug abuse issues that are meant as punishment, but it’s clear his transfer to Maine’s Down East region is no promotion. Winter’s first blizzard offers a taste of his new reality when a search-and-rescue effort uncovers the murdered body of a violent drug dealer. Bowditch is convinced that things don’t add up when police arrest the dead man’s best friend for the crime, but the game warden’s new relationship with the dead dealer’s ex-girlfriend has tanked his credibility. Bucking better judgment, Bowditch starts digging and through a combination of sharp curiosity and gut instinct, he’s soon the only investigator making the connections. Doiron’s third Bowditch entry is riveting and honest, with full-depth characters and a landscape that isn’t cutting any slack. Readers of Nevada Barr and C. J. Box will enjoy this similar tale, with the added surprise of a refreshing hero whose youth and inexperience Doiron skillfully twists into an asset.

The review will appear in the magazine's August issue. I'll put a link up when it goes lives.