A Dull Knife Can Kill You

At Maine Crime Writers today I discuss the awkward tendency of some journalists to confuse being a Maine game warden (which I am not, although I write about one) with being a Registered Maine Guide (which I am). I also share a few survival tips which I've picked up outdoors, usually from Master Maine Guides like my friend Greg Drummond of Claybrook Mountain Lodge. Here's one:

A Sharp Knife Is a Safe Knife: At first glance, a scalpel-sharp knife seems more dangerous to use than a blunt blade, but that's usually not the case. A sharp knife will catch easily on the item it's meant to cut while a dull knife will slide off the surface, causing you to lose control as it slips (and then it's a question of how good your reflexes are). This principle is even more important when it comes to axes and hatchets. A dull axe can bounce off a log when swung. That's how many inexperienced woodsmen end up chopping into their feet.

Makes sense when you think about it. Chefs know this too, by the way.