"Bad Little Falls" Shines

In his "Out There" blog for the Bangor Daily News, columnist John Holyoke has some very nice things to say about my forthcoming novel:

Set deep in the Maine woods, in the dead of winter, Bowditch (as he often does) happens upon a crime that isn’t what it seems. As he digs deeper, he runs into all kinds of interesting Maine characters. Some are friends. Some are foes. And he’s never quite sure which is which. All of which, of course, serve to ratchet the tension level page by page, chapter by chapter.

Doiron doesn’t really need my praise here. He gets enough of that when his books are nominated for Anthony and Edgar awards (which they have been).

His previous novels, “The Poacher’s Son” and “Trespasser,” have been best-sellers.

I’m certain that “Bad Little Falls” will follow suit.

I can only hope that he's prophetic on that last point. 

I've written before about how meaningful it is to me to have Maine readers respond so favorably to my books. Like most novelists I think of myself as writing about universal themes for what I hope will be a world-wide audience. But there's undeniably something sweet about getting a positive response from readers who know the region you're writing about. Maybe it's the journalist in me, but it's important to hear that I've gotten things right.