Mount Desert Islander Interview

When the newspaper business began its precipitous financial decline in the 1990s, anxious publishers forced their editors to make some pretty drastic cuts. One of the first sections to be axed at many publications was the book section. As a result, you don't see many book reviews in papers anymore. You don't see many author profiles, either.

That's why it was such a pleasure for me to be interviewed for the Mount Desert Islander in advance of my reading at the Jesup Memorial Library tomorrow. I had a pleasant telephone conversation with the writer, Melinda Rice, but honestly, you never know how these things are going to end up until you see them in print.

As it turned out, my Islander interview turned out great! Not only did Rice quote me accurately, she tracked down both my agent and my editor — and she got the story of my book's acceptance by St. Martin's absolutely right:

Mr. Doiron’s debut novel, The Poacher’s Son, was snapped up by agent Ann Rittenberg (who has a summer home in Sedgwick) and she sold it with two sequels in a pre-emptive bid to St. Martin’s Press after sending it to editor Charles Spicer.

“I started reading it over the weekend and you get this ‘ding ding ding’ feeling,” said Mr. Spicer. “I knew, ‘Oh boy, I’ve got a live one.’”

Afraid of losing the book to another publishing house, he said he offered “a healthy sum of money” to make a pre-emptive bid. And the deal was done.

In publishing these days, a three-book deal—especially for a first-time author—is unusual. But St. Martin’s took it even further and sent Mr. Doiron on a publicity tour before first book was even published.

“It’s a mark of our commitment to Paul, something we do for very few people,” said Mr. Spicer. “We’re taking this guy seriously. He’s personable, bright and articulate. He knows Maine. He lives there and he loves it.”

I appreciate Charlie's compliments. He's being very kind in his description of me. He's definitely right about how much I love Maine, though.

I also appreciate Melinda Rice's fine work. My wife thinks this profile of me is the best one yet. That's high praise from someone who knows me pretty well.