"One of Doiron's Best Stories," Says Maine Sunday Telegram


There are good reviews and bad reviews, and then there are the reviews you hope for: the ones where the critic understands exactly what you were trying to do with a book and evaluates it on those terms. In today's "Maine Sunday Telegram," Frank O. Smith (who has been a perceptive reader of my novels from the first) conveys what I'd hope to achieve with The Bone Orchard :

The Bone Orchard is one of Doiron’s best stories, most skillfully plotted. It is also a slightly sly but satisfying retrospective of his earlier work, with Bowditch prompted at various points to reflect on his errant ways with women, family and colleagues.
The book’s climax and ending are especially satisfying. For those who have read all of Doiron’s novels, there’s pleasure in finding a particular story line that was introduced two books prior and toyed with in the last book finally come to fruition – almost. A thread of the story teasingly emerges in the last pages as something that will leave a Doiron fan eagerly awaiting his next book.

As I said, the review I'd hoped for.