"A Suspenseful Mystery Ride in the Maine Woods"

There has been a lot of talk and cross-talk about how the web is changing the publishing business, but one place where it has already had a profound impact is in the area of book reviews. It used to be that authors were dependent on a handful of print outlets to review their novels (and as newspapers began gutting their book sections, these outlets became fewer and fewer). But the emergence of book blogs like Kevin Tipple's excellent Kevin's Corner has filled a much-needed hole.

Here's his take on Massacre Pond:


Award winning author Paul Doiron once again takes readers on a suspenseful mystery ride in the Maine woods. As he did from the very beginning with The Poacher's Son (reviewed here) he combines a powerful mystery with the actions and duties of the men and women whose job it is to protect nature in all its forms from the misuse and abuse of mankind. Much like what C. J. Box has done for Wyoming; Paul Doiron has done for Maine through four very good books to date.
At its core Massacre Pond is an intense mystery that has human as well as animal victims. The massacre of the moose is just the first point of a complex case that will result in a number of deaths and complications as other events come to light. Human frailty is a major point in the book through primary and secondary storylines, as is economics, politics, and access to power thanks to money and social standing. These Maine woods may be lovely, dark, and deep, but they also are full of danger in many different ways.


Honestly, I haven't receieved many print reviews that are as well-written or as insightful.