Maine Sunday Telegram calls Massacre Pond: "Compelling."

The Maine Sunday Telegram is out with its review of Massacre Pond. My books are published internationally, but I always care what the hometown papers think. Reviewer Frank O. Smith likes what he read:

There are nefarious, crazy and perverted characters to suspect as well as zealous, sad and unsuspecting suspects.

Some clues are blatant, others hidden in plain sight. That it ends badly for so many is part of the well-crafted tale.

And as for the larger questions of how Mike Bowditch will reconcile his angst over love, his past and his future – that's the thorniest, most engaging mystery of them all. 

Smith has reviewed several of my previous novels and he's right on about the last part: the real mystery at the heart of each book is how humankind's capacity for violence will change Mike Bowditch.