The AP Says Massacre Pond Is "Superbly Well-Written"

Edgar-winner Bruce DeSilva has reviewed Massacre Pond for the Associated Press, and he has high praise for the book:

Doiron fashions a tense and clever mystery peopled by characters you could well meet by wandering into the wrong Down East bar. As usual, he peppers his superbly well-written yarn with evocative descriptions of the state he and Bowditch call home, including this passage about nightfall in the forest:

"A stillness surrounds you that makes every stray sound — even an acorn dropping, every chipmunk peep — seem overly loud. The birds go quiet. Sometimes you'll hear a distant crashing that makes your heart stop; a buck has caught your scent and gone leaping off into the brush before you can spot the white flag of his tail."

When you have a new book out, you hope for the best and prepare for the worst. So far Massacre Pond is exceeding my hopes.