"Mystery Scene" Gets It

It's always good to get a favorable review. It's even better when the reviewer understands what you set out to achieve with your book. Here's the perceptive Hank Wagner writing in the new "Mystery Scene":

Bowditch is an extremely relatable protagonist, whose reactions to the trials and tribulations his creator throws at him are entirely believable. Doiron has also created a fascinating personal life for his hero—readers can see him changing as the series progresses, affected both by his human relationships and his experiences on the job. Doiron...also takes great pains to bring Bowditch's home state of Maine to vivid life.

One of the lucky readers on GoodReads who scored an advance copy of Massacre Pond called it "the one in which Mike grows up." I wouldn't go quite that far. But readers of my previous novels will begin to see where this series has been heading from the start.