Kennebec Journal Says Third Time Is the Charm

William Bushnell is out with his review of Bad Little Falls in the Kennebec Journal, and he calls it the best yet in the series:
Bad Little Falls is Camden author Paul Doiron’s third book in his wildly popular, award-winning mystery series featuring Game Warden Mike Bowditch. Following The Poacher's Son and Trespasser, this mystery is even better than the first two, which says a lot about Doiron’s exceptional ability to hold readers’ interest with compelling plots and enduring characters. Best, however, is Doiron’s keen talent for creating a palpable atmosphere, capturing the Maine winter in all its bitter-cold and snow-covered landscape, as well as the poverty, violence and despair of a Maine county too easily ignored.
Bill might just be the preeminent book reviewer in the state these days, having reviewed hundreds of titles for Maine papers over the past couple of decades. We know each other a little from a previous job I held, but he has never worked for me at the magazine, and he certainly doesn't owe me a favorable review. His honest opinion means a great deal to me.