Accolades from Audiofile

Audiofile magazine, which reviews audiobooks, praises one of the unsung people who work with me to bring Mike Bowditch to life: the narrator of the audio version:

Henry Leyva gives a solid performance in this third book in the Mike Bowditch mystery series....Leyva's varied Maine accents are convincing and interesting, and make each character distinct. His portrayal of Lucas Sewall, an odd child who figures prominently in the story, is perfect. Leyva is at his best, however, portraying the complicated Bowditch with a quiet, even voice that captures the capable but struggling game warden.

Many "readers" of my series have come to the books via the audio CDs and downloads. Since it's a part of the process that occurs after I am done with the writing and editing, I often lose touch with that fact myself—until, that is, I get out on tour and hear from fans. I'm grateful to the professionals at Macmillan Audio for making me look so good.