The Maine Edge

One of the interesting things about having a novel out is you never know when it will get reviewed. The process starts months in advance of the publication date as journals like Publishers Weekly and Booklist begin weighing in with notices. But it continues long after your book has been in stores for a while, too. That's the hope anyway: that you keep getting discovered.

For instance, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a glowing review of Trespasser in the Maine Edge, an alternative weekly out of Bangor, Maine:

In Mike Bowditch, Doiron has created someone we can root for. He's a man with a real connection to the outdoors and to the job that he does. He's got smarts, but he's not the over-the-top genius that some fictional lawmen are. He's articulate without being overly verbose. He makes mistakes. He's human, essentially, which is a large part of why he's such an engaging character. He feels real — no mean feat.

Getting reviews like these never gets old.