Maine Sunday Telegram Q&A

If you're looking for a break from the wall-to-wall Irene coverage (and still have access to the Internet or at least a soggy newspaper), there's an interview with me this morning in the Maine Sunday Telegram. The piece is in advance of my free lecture at the Portland Public Library on Wednesday, August 31 at noon. The conversation is a bit of a ramble, as so many of these phone interviews tend to be (I've written my fair share), but one section makes a point I always try to emphasize:

It's a misconception that a game warden's job is all about animals; it's about people, managing people's behaviors. There are poachers and ATV infractions and people falling through the ice.

Maine game wardens are tops in search and rescue, and they are brought in to help in lots of searches. Almost all the most notorious crimes in Maine, at some point, the game wardens are brought in to help.

Here's what I meant by that: The hurricane hasn't started in midcoast Maine yet, but I am aware of the wardens I know gearing up for a long day and night, unsure of what the storm might demand of them, but prepared to help people in danger. I am in awe of their dedication.