"Suspenseful and Atmospheric"

I just realized that I'm tardy in posting this nice review from the Provo Daily Herald:

Mike Bowditch is a Maine game warden who winds up investigating both human and animal problems in Paul Doiron’s new mystery, “Trespasser.” Readers first met Mike in Doiron’s admirable “The Poacher’s Son,” and the new novel is even more suspenseful and atmospheric. When Bowditch is called to the scene of a car/deer collision on a coastal highway, he finds only the car. What was left of the deer has been poached and the young lady driving the car told the tow truck operator someone was coming to pick her up.

Mike feels uneasy turning the whole business over to the highway patrol without finding Ashley Kim, but does what he is told, only to find Kim’s badly used body a few days later. Mike’s unauthorized investigation reveals a host of suspects, including several truly revolting n’er-do-wells, but a strikingly similar case from the past flushes out the real murderer in a truly frightening denouement. Doiron himself is a registered Maine guide with an MFA in creative writing — a killer combination, if you’ll pardon the expression.

I like the phrase "revolting n'er-do-wells." That about sums up the fictional Barters and the Driskos.