A Flattering Review

After a winter lull, The Poacher's Son is getting press again thanks to the award nominations it has received and the recent paperback publication. I have to say that among the excellent reviews I have received this one made me especially happy:

I read a lot of books. A lot. But I don’t think I have ever found a new author that had such a stunning debut. Doiron’s ability to create such vivid, intense characters and scenes is amazing.

The Poacher’s Son isn’t just another suspense thriller, but just as much a coming-of-age, so to speak, novel about a young man coming to terms with a neglectful father and the past that made him who he is today.

I spoke to a group of readers the other day and said that I was surprised by authors who didn't enjoy doing public events. You work so long and hard in solitude when you write a novel. Why wouldn't you want to meet someone who was deeply moved by your book?