Trespasser Is a RT Book Reviews Top Pick!

Trespasser is many things, but it's definitely not a romance. (I do try to handle Mike's rekindled relationship with Sarah Harris with a bit more realism than I usually find in crime novels.) Nevertheless, I'm thrilled that RT Book Reviews has chosen my book as one of their Top Picks and gives it 4.5 out of 5 stars! They say:

Doiron’s second thriller featuring Mike Bowditch makes effective use of Maine’s ‘mud season,’ that time when the weather is unpredictable and new life struggles to emerge from the snow, as a metaphor for Mike’s internal struggle to put his life back on track. Doiron’s sense of place, and of the people of Maine, adds lush nuance to this suspense-filled read. Well-paced, with an interesting array of elegantly rounded characters, this effort more than lives up to the promise of Doiron’s debut.

Only subscribers can read the full review for the time being, but an insightful review like this one sure seems like a good reason to subscribe to me.