Hobbstown POW Camp

One of the smaller subplots in The Poacher's Son concerns a real-life escape from a real-life World War II prisoner of war camp in the Maine woods. Of all the elements in the book, it's probably the one I get asked about most.

The Hobbstown POW camp, on the north side of Spencer Lake, received German prisoners from the various North African campaigns and put the men to work cutting trees. There's nothing left of the buildings today, but schoolchildren from the nearby town of Jackman have placed a plaque marking the spot, which is roughly twelve miles down the Spencer Road (which is privately owned by Plum Creek Timber, so be respectful and give logging trucks the right of way) from Route 201 at Parlin Pond.

Here are a few photographs of the camp in its heyday sent to me by one reader of The Poacher's Son. I don't know who took them, but if someone does, drop me a note and I'll add a credit line.