Killer Mysteries

I'm extremely psyched that my forthcoming novel, Trespasser, is mentioned with books by Ian Rankin and Walter Mosley in the new Kirkus Reviews:

Paul Doiron leapt from the editorship of Down East magazine to the big leagues of crime writing with his soulful debut novel The Poacher’s Son, which introduced game warden Mike Bowditch and earned a place on Kirkus’ Best Mysteries of 2010 list. Now in Trespasser, Mike must reopen old wounds in order to catch a killer with friends in high places. “The story picks up seven months later,” says Doiron. “Mike’s girlfriend has moved back in with him, and he’s trying to get on with his life, but he’s been left deeply scarred in ways he doesn’t want to admit. This is a book about guilt in many forms.” (Minotaur, June)

I'm not sure about the big league part. If anything, I feel like a Pawtucket player up for a cup of coffee, as they say, with the Red Sox.