Small-Town Premiere

Living in a small town comes with its share of trade-offs. There might not a decent Chinese restaurant for fifty miles, but you get to know people in all sorts of interesting contexts. Last night, for example, the best-selling author Tess Gerritsen hosted a premiere of the new TNT TV show based on her books, Rizzoli and Isles, at the local opera house. At the pre-party beforehand at the exquisite Camden Harbour Inn, I ran into not only the literary folk you might expect, but also my physician and dental hygienist among the attendees. In fact half the town of Camden seemed to be at the showing; the opera house was literary packed with Tess's many friends and fans who had come out to cheer on her new success. After the show (which I genuinely enjoyed), we all flooded out onto a foggy Camden street where a hired trolley was waiting to return people to their cars up the hill. You know you're living in a special place when half the community turns out late on a misty Monday night to watch television together.