My Book/iBooks

For my birthday my wife gave me an iPad, and I've spent the past two weeks trying to decide if I like it. Some things it does phenomenally (Web surfing, email, and watching videos, especially), but the IPad is limited by the current iPhone OS, which prohibits running several apps at a time. Apple has announced that it will be releasing new iPhone software this summer, however (with a version for the iPad in the fall), so I'm hopeful it will soon become the awesome device it can and should be.

Most of the negative reviews I've seen for the iPad have focused around the eyestrain that comes from reading a backlit screen. Personally, I've had no trouble with this; I enjoy being able to read a book on my iPad in a dark room. It's like having an installed book light.

I've used a Kindle and enjoyed it for the most part (the size and light weight are superior to the iPad), and I've been planning to buy both the Kindle version and the Apple iBooks version of The Poacher's Son when the book drops on May 11. The Kindle version has been available for preorder for a while, but I just noticed this evening that The Poacher's Son is now also available in the iBooks store. You can even download the first few chapters as a sample.

I'm curious to compare the experience of reading my novel in print with the experience of reading it digitally. One question I have about eBooks is what will become of the authorial autograph and inscription. I can't very well sign your Kindle—or I doubt you'd want me to in any case.