"One of the Best Debuts of the Year"

Oline Cogdill, who writes for the Orlando Sun Sentinel and whose book reviews are syndicated in more than 250 newspapers, reads hundreds of new mysteries a year. Here's her take on The Poacher's Son:

Paul Doiron makes an outstanding gripping debut in The Poacher's Son. Doiron's rich exploration of characters shows people at their best and worst...Doiron, editor-in-chief of Down East magazine, showcases his native Maine's beauty and how the pristine woods are giving way to developers. Doiron skillfully melds an outdoor adventure with a personal story of families. The Poacher's Son moves at a brisk pace with unpredictable but realistic twists that reach a crescendo at the shocking finale. The Poacher's Son is proving to be one of the best debuts of the year.

This review has already appeared in the Victoria Advocate, the Sacramento Bee, the Kansas City Star, the News Tribune (Tacoma), and the Sun News (Myrtle Beach). God bless syndication.