"Bold Debut"

Kirkus Reviews had a near-death experience last winter, but it survived, and I'm glad it did, both for the literary culture in general and for my own career in particular. The new edition of the Kirkus Reviews 2010 Spring & Summer Preview is now available for download, and I am awestruck to be included along with the likes of Don DeLillo, Alice Walker, and Scott Turow. Here's the condensed version of my (p)review:

"One of the year’s boldest debuts comes from the woodsy wilderness of Maine, where Paul Doiron augments his day job as the editor-in-chief of Down East magazine with a new crime series.... Doiron’s fierce combination of wilderness know-how and old-school journalism has already earned him a three-book contract.”

I wish I were as good a journalist as this description makes me out to be. But I'll lay claim to the wilderness know-how.