Great Mention in Library Journal

I haven't blogged much yet about The Poacher's Son because very few people have read it at this point, and I think there will be time enough for me to talk about the book after it finally gets into bookstores. That said, in addition to the early reviews, my novel has started to get other mentions as more advance galleys make the rounds. This one, from Chris Vaccari, at Library Journal, really made my week.

I also picked up a great new mystery, Paul Doiron's The Poacher’s Son. A Maine game warden navigates strained relationships with the woman he loves and his father, who has been suspected of murder. Think Skink from Hiaasen’s books except as a mean, alcoholic, manipulative troublemaker. OK, maybe don’t think Skink—Skink is fun. This guy ain’t. Anyways, you’ll feel like there’s a black bear in the room while you chase through the woods to find a man who may or may not be getting framed.

I’ve never been to Maine, but now I feel like I have. Twigs were cracking underneath my feet as I settled in to read this one. Doiron creates great scenery to surround an impressive debut. Well done, sir.

Being compared to Carl Hiassen in any way shape or form is pretty cool, I have to admit.