The Amazon Macmillan Kerfuffle

The big news in the publishing world today is Amazon's decision to stop selling all Macmillan titles, including those like The Poacher's Son published by Minotaur Books and other Macmillan imprints. Pricing seems to be the sticking point, according to an article in today's Engadget:

Macmillan's US CEO, John Sargent just confirmed that Amazon pulled its inventory of Macmillan books in a powerful response to Macmillan's new pricing demands. Macmillan offered the new pricing on Thursday, just a day after Apple announced Macmillan as a major publishing partner in its new iBookstore—a revelation that certainly factored into the discussions along with Skiff and other emerging e-book distribution and publishing models. 

If you go to my book's page on the Amazon Web site you'll see that the company is no longer accepting pre-orders. Instead there's an annoucement that reads: "Sign up to be notified when this item becomes available." It's unclear what has happened to existing pre-orders for the book, whether they will be filled if Amazon and Macmillan eventually reach an agreement over book pricing, or whether they've been lost in cyberspace.

In the meantime and are still accepting pre-orders for The Poacher's Son, as are many of the online and brick-and-mortar sellers listed on the left side of this page.

Update: Until this dispute is worked out (if it's worked out), I'm disabling my Amazon link.