In Which I Join a Guild

Or, in this case, the Guild joined me. I just learned that The Poacher's Son will be an Editor's Pick and Alternate Selection of the Mystery Guild Book Club and an Alternate Selection of the Literary Guild Book Club!

The book will also be available on BOMC2. That's the Book-of-the-Month Club's online-only membership club. Members of any of the numerous other BOMC clubs—there are, like, twelve of them from Rhapsody to the Good Cook—will be able to purchase my novel on the website of your club. There's still time to renew your subscription! And you usually get four free books to join, if memory serves.

Anyway, it's a big deal for me, and I'm honored to have been selected.

PS. You may also buy the book from one of the many fine retailers of quality literary titles that grace our land.