How to Call a Moose

Just got back from the North Woods where I was enjoying the last gasp of fishing season. There's no Internet at the remote cabin where I was staying (no running water either), so blogging was out of the cards. You take your entertainment where you can find it on a frigid autumn afternoon up north. We decided to cruise around calling for moose. This is the moose rut in Maine when big bulls starting rounding up harems of willing females. You can lure them into sight by either imitating another male, which prompts a territorial challenge that involves lots of snorting and thrashing of the antlers, or by wailing like a lonely cow looking for love. With a little work we managed to summon an angry bull moose who came rampaging out of the edge of a clear cut and chased us into our pickup truck. Fortunately we all escape being trampled into the dust. Hey, what's more fun than a stupid, self-induced brush with death?

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