Viva, Nuevo Laredo

Having noted that the last bookstore in Laredo, Texas, will soon be closing, leaving Laredo the largest city in the U.S. without a brick-and-mortar book shop, I was pleased to stumble across this post from a reader of Andrew Sullivan's blog:

I live very near Laredo and it is no more appropriate to talk about book stores in Laredo without mentioning Nuevo Laredo than it would be to talk about Brooklyn and fail to mention Queens. They are right on top of each other and most Laredoans routinely cross the border for groceries, tools and, yes, books.

Crossing the U.S. border isn't the same free and easy process it once was, but still this clarification comes as heartening news. I bet Jeff Bezos, of, is already salivating at all the money he will make selling books and e-books to Laredoans once B.Dalton vamooses, though.