Pre-Tour Day #6

The last official day of the Portland-to-Portland tour, and it was just as well because my body has decided to give out on me. Spend enough time in airports and you're destined to catch a cold, which I did just in time to meet the most influential librarians in Seattle and the surrounding areas.

On the way we stopped at a B&N where I met a fellow Mainer who buys books for the store. When you're the editor of this magazine you find Mainers everywhere.

Then we had lunch at Cafe Campagne that looked excellent for everyone but me since I had no appetite by that stage and an increasingly sore throat. I tried to summon my inner reserves for the conversation with local librarians (the lunch was organized by the one and only Nancy Pearl). This was a great group who had really read and reflected on the book. The conversation that took place was very engaging, but of course you always hope to bring your A game to these events, and it's hard when your dragging. In any case, I wish the lunch had gone longer.

Despite my illness, my hosts were gracious and understanding and I promised them that I would return some day at the beginning of the trip and not the end, so they could meet my usually charming and witty self.