Reader Quiz

How well do you know Mike Bowditch?

  1. What are Mike's parents' names? Bonus question: What is his step-father's name and occupation?
  2. What is Mike's standard order at the Square Deal Diner? 
  3. What is the name of Bud Thompson's pig that gets eaten by a bear in THE POACHER'S SON?
  4. On what body of water does the final conflict of THE POACHER'S SON take place? 
  5. What does the group of citizens bent on proving the innocence of convicted murderer Erland Jefferts call itself? (TRESPASSER)
  6. For whom is Donnie Drisko's dog Vicky named? (TRESPASSER)
  7. What is the name of the trickster figure of Down East Maine folklore? (BAD LITTLE FALLS)
  8. What wild animal is set loose in Mike's trailer? (BAD LITTLE FALLS)
  9. How did Betty Morse ("Queen Elizabeth") make her fortune? (MASSACRE POND)
  10. How many children do Billy and Aimee Cronk have, and what does Billy call them? (MASSACRE POND)
  11. What kind of car does the Reverend Deb Davies drive? Bonus question: What color is it? (THE BONE ORCHARD, THE PRECIPICE)
  12. On what lake is Mike guiding fly-fishing clients in the opening of THE BONE ORCHARD?
  13. By what heroic act does Mike finally impress Dani Tate in THE BONE ORCHARD?
  14. What are the trail names of at least three of the AT through-hikers mentioned in THE PRECIPICE?
  15. Who does Charley Stevens take down at a gas station in Monson in THE PRECIPICE?
  16. What do Warden Gary Pulsifer and his wife Lauren raise on their farm? (WIDOWMAKER)
  17. Where is Shadow the wolf-dog originally from? (WIDOWMAKER)
  18. On what mountain is the Widowmaker ski resort sited?
  19. What rare bird are bird-watchers ogling roadside when Mike and Warden Pulsifer drive by? (WIDOWMAKER)
  20. What birthday does Mike celebrate at the end of WIDOWMAKER?