And the New York Times

Somehow in the blur that was the month of July, most of which I spent rushing from one author event to the next, I forgot to mention that Stay Hidden was reviewed in the New York Times! Crime columnist Marilyn Stasio wrote: 

If your chosen line of work is being a hermit, you couldn’t pick a better location that Maquoit, a fogbound island 20 miles off the coast of Maine.  In STAY HIDDEN (Minotaur, $26.99), Mike Bowditch, the game warden investigator in Paul Doiron’s nature-loving mysteries, flies out to Maquoit to investigate the accidental (or accidental-on-purpose) shooting of a sort-of famous journalist named Ariel Evans.  Ariel was supposedly on the island to do research on Blake Markman, a producer who fled Hollywood to live as a hermit and raise Icelandic sheep.  But when the ferry arrives from the mainland, who should step onto the dock but Ariel herself — fit as a fiddle and anxious to investigate her own death.  Doiron captures the stark beauty of his setting without averting his eyes from the sick and starving wildlife, the rancorous feuds among the lobstermen or the homicidal impulses that push islanders off the deep end.

The review is in the July 8 edition of the paper.

STAY HIDDEN garners a starred review from Publishers Weekly

I'm delighted to announce that Publishers Weekly has given STAY HIDDEN its second starred review. It's such an honor and a privilege to receive such a positive review. To get a star is everything an author hopes for as he anxiously awaits his new book's release. 

What they said: "Doiron balances nuanced characterizations and intelligent plotting perfectly."

Read more here.


Welcome to Maine's Murder Island

STAY HIDDEN (on sale July 3) is set on Maquoit Island, which is roughly 20 miles off the Maine coast. As I note in the story, Maquoit is one of the state's most remote communities and the foggiest place on the Eastern Seaboard. I'm grateful to mapmaker extraordinaire Jane Crosen and designer Barbara Tedesco for furnishing me with this beautiful map to use in the book.