Facebook Is the Place

Happy holidays, everyone.

I've been busy working on the fourth Mike Bowditch novel, Massacre Pond, which means I am behind on answering letters, among other things. In the new year I will be sending out my next newsletter with an update on when you can read my next book, some interesting news from the United Kingdom, and maybe even a sneak peek at a project I have in the works with a talented Maine artist. Sign up at the bottom of my home page or by clicking the Contact menu.

In the meantime I wanted to mention that, if you use Facebook, you should check out my Paul Doiron Books page. I post there whenever I have a random bit of news that comes my way. I also moderate discussions about the series. Today's conversation is about which of the secondary characters—Charley, Ora, Kathy, etc—is your favorite. I'd be curious to hear who you'd like to read more about in future books, too.

I always appreciate hearing from you—via Facebook, comments to my blog posts, or via email. And I promise to answer you!