One Author's Life

Sometimes it makes no sense to me either. I spent the past three days in the Maine North Woods, miles from any cell towers, fishing for late-season brook trout (landed a beautiful orange-bellied male with a kype), practicing my moose call (still needs considerable work), and bagging two ruffed grouse (called "pa'tridge" here) in the rain. I arrived home grubby, stubbly, and glad for a shower. Tomorrow I have a long day at the office preparing to ship the November issue of Down East to the printer. And within thirty-six hours I will be at the Bouchercon World Mystery Convention in Cleveland where I will appear on a panel titled "Murder in the Great Outdoors." Somehow it all ties together, but as I wash one set of camouflage and blaze orange clothing and pack another outfit of black blazers and Blundstones, it all feels very haphazard, frenetic, and definitely unplanned. 

Oh, Yes

I probably should have mentioned this before now. Bouchercon in St. Louis was a fantastic experience, and not just because I won an award, but also for the many new people I met and for the friends who aren't quite old enough to be old but whom I definitely look forward to seeing each year now. 

Anthony Award Interview

I am fortunate to be one of the finalists for the 2011 Anthony Award in the category of Best First Novel. Back in July, Julia Spencer-Fleming interviewed all the nominees for the Bouchercon Web site. Out on tour with a new novel to promote, I forgot to mention the interview here, but for some mysterious reason Google rediscovered our conversation this morning and sent me an alert as if it were breaking news. Have a look.